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Godrej Aqua – An Affordable Home With Luxury Comfort

Godrej with the new Project Godrej Aqua

Godrej, from the time of its origin is specifically focusing on the individuals irrespective of the class. Godrej made itself available for each and every individual by catering its services by providing consumer goods, electronic appliances and residencies since 1897.

The Godrej Properties after stepping into the field of real estate, it initiated few things like the skyscraper in Mumbai, also rated as the 2nd best developer in India among 13 competitors in Asia. Giving its best all the time, it never failed to serve the best for the existing customers and attract the new customers. Moving forward with the same goodwill from decades, now it has come up with nature friendly idea considering the water scarcity in the cities. So the project is called Godrej Aqua at Billamaranahalli, Hosahalli.

Godrej Aqua | Upcoming Residential Project Bangalore
Godrej Aqua | Upcoming Residential Project Bangalore


Godrej Aqua: Aqua for a reason

Everyone has a myth of telling Bangalore is a costly city. The residential apartments, villas or the independent houses will cost a lot there. Noticing the problems of different classes, Godrej Aqua apartments are providing all essential amenities within the economical prices of individuals aiding them to fulfill the fantasy of dream house.

With amazing amenities, splendid specifications, fantastic floor and master plan, laudable location, opulent opportunities and what else does the resident feel lack about? In order to descend the stress in search of the necessity, the property is taking up all the responsibilities of providing all the essentials considering the present day life style. In addition to the amenities and the specifications of the property, it has up with a brilliantly fresh idea of water conservation and that is the specific reason of the title to be named a Godrej Aqua. To save the rain water which is being wasted in huge amount is the policy of the property. The building itself is structured in a way which collects the rain water and then with few filtration processes, the water can be consumed for multi-purposes.


Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore
Godrej Aqua Hosahalli Bangalore

Godrej Aqua with developing location and aiding bank policies

In order to curb all the hustle and bustle and provide a peaceful daily routine in a lavish house with a peaceful surrounding, Godrej Aqua is preferable. Hosahalli is one of the twin villages Mattur-Hosahalli which is on the Banks of Tungabadra River. As the property is near to the river and is surrounded by agricultural region, the property enjoys ample amount of water. It is very close to the ORR and is easily connectable to all possible routes. It is also very near to the reputed educational institutions, hospitals, MNCs and other essentials like grocery stores, shopping malls, eateries, entertainment zones. Few other necessities are proposed in and around due to the demand in market.

Focusing on all class of individuals, Godrej properties after a thorough study and estimation of all the materials, the price of the property is fixed. It includes the genuine cost of all the materials included, labor charge and the resources used. Few government charges will be levied extra. To manage all the expenses and to fulfill the dream of owning a lavish house, many banks are aiding with all the possible loans, affordable EMIs and repayment methods.

Specifying the idea of rain water conservation, provisions of essentials and the easily payable bank loan now it very easy to quench thirst of a spacious and luxurious dream house with the affordable price.

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